Philips Lumify, an App-based Ultrasound System

Philips Lumify, an App-based Ultrasound System

Philips has unveiled a new ultrasound system that uses your own tablet as the display and interface. The Philips Lumify looks just like a typical transducer, but has a micro-USB plug on the far end. You simply download the Lumify app onto a compatible Android tablet, plug in the transducer into the micro-USB socket, and you’ve got yourself a proper ultrasound system.

Because it works via an app, you can select the tablet that fits your needs in terms of size, weight, and other characteristics. Moreover, the app allows for easy sharing of scans, adding notations, and emailing it all between colleagues. Since the app works like any other app, it can be quickly updated by Philips to add new features and improve the user experience.

Lumify is designed for emergency departments and urgent care centers, as well as other clinical settings, and will operate from a compatible smart device connected to a Philips ultrasound transducer. Users will also have access to an online portal where they can manage their device and access Philips’ support, training and IT services.

Cloud-enabled and tablet technology allows Lumify to offer users vast connectivity, flexibility and mobility. As a customized app-based solution, Lumify is designed to seamlessly integrate with patient profiles and a health system’s equipment using cloud-enabled technology. Additionally, data will be accessible on the Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform, an open and secure, cloud-based IT infrastructure, allowing users and health systems access to powerful data and analytics to help improve patient care.